We're creating an alliance for people dedicated to keeping the old ways alive

Old World Alliance

What is Old World Alliance?

Created by Jamie Burleigh and Lee Collins in 2019, Old World Alliance is the first association dedicated to “Self-Reliance and Keeping the Old Ways Alive”. 

Old World Alliance is a globally recognized organization comprised of dozens of instructors and schools around the world reaching thousands of students annually.

Join Us Now For:

• Top Notch Instructors & Schools
• Online & Live Training Classes
• New Training Added Every Friday
• Exclusive Content for Members
• Exclusive Member Discounts
• Worldwide Exposure in our Directory
• Private iOS and Android app
• Helpful, Interactive Community

Whether you want to learn to build a fire, thrive in the wilderness, build a shelter, craft a sheath, forge a knife, learn old world remedies, bushcraft, survival skills, wilderness or primitive skills, you are in the right place with Old World Alliance.

Join us now and claim your place as a Keeper of the Old Ways.

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